In this blog, I will be writing about my final 3 weeks of GSoC at CircuitVerse and some of the major changes I made in the project.

This is in continuation to my GSoC journey at CircuitVerse that I have documented through blogs. If you have landed here for the…

This blog describes my work done for Recommendation System project during Google Summer of Code 2021 at CircuitVerse.

I have successfully completed Phase 1 of the Coding period @CircuitVerse and received amazing feedback from my mentor.

Phase 1 Results

Major Goals Accomplished in Phase 1

  • Ready with the data extraction, pre-processing, and testing modules.
  • Implemented the proposed model (Clustering…

Devansh Dixit

CS @ BITS, GSoC'21 @ CircuitVerse, ML enthusiast,Youtuber

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