In this blog, I will be writing about my final 3 weeks of GSoC at CircuitVerse and some of the major changes I made in the project.

This is in continuation to my GSoC journey at CircuitVerse that I have documented through blogs. If you have landed here for the first time, I would request you to read the previous blog(preferably all the previous blogs).

As I had mentioned in my previous blog post, the K-Means layer had the following issues:

Continuing on my previous blog, which covered the project report for first half of the coding period, in this blog post I’ll cover the work that I did in week 6 & 7 and how there was a sudden change in the plan of action.

I had completed my first evaluations and was ready for a heavy 2nd half ahead 💪.

After successfully implementing the TF-IDF + K-Means model, the results weren’t that good since the distribution of items into clusters was very uneven, and simply re-ranking the items won’t make sense.

This blog describes my work done for Recommendation System project during Google Summer of Code 2021 at CircuitVerse.

I have successfully completed Phase 1 of the Coding period @CircuitVerse and received amazing feedback from my mentor.

Phase 1 Results

Major Goals Accomplished in Phase 1

Here’s a draft PR of the work that I have done #2327.

Slight changes from the Proposal

The model that I had mentioned in my proposal, was giving good results…

Continuing on my previous blog, which covered the community bonding period of my GSoC journey, in this blog, I am going to write about the first phase of the coding period divided into weeks (1 to 5).

As I write this blog, we come to the end of week 5, and it's time for midterm evaluations for GSoC 2021. This was the proposed timeline for my project.

Hi I am Devansh Dixit, 2nd year Undergrad from BITS PILANI, and this is my first blog talking about GSoC Community bonding period , what is expected and what I did.

You can check out my Pre-GSoC journey here.

To define this period, informally, it is the period when the feeling of getting selected for GSoC hasn’t sunk in yet, you are thanking your mentors, telling your relatives that “No! I am not interning at GOOGLE”, and you meet all these super talented and knowledgeable people who are equally modest and excited for the great summers ahead! (Formal explanation later)

Devansh Dixit

CS @ BITS, GSoC'21 @ CircuitVerse, ML enthusiast,Youtuber

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